Iphone app development

Veteran iPhone app developers offering quality iOS apps meeting bespoke client needs. We offer the best in industry iphone apps for maximum returns.

Why iOS?

Standardized exposure
  • Iphone still stands for defined standards and offers a professional leverage for your business app
  • It is the second largest market place for app users with great worldwide use
  • Your app gets exposure to a high-end users globally and remains usable for a large part of smartphone users
High return on investment
  • iPhone apps offer the best ROI with additional paid features
  • iOS apps have high retention amongst users after initial installation
  • With great marketshare support communities are easily available
Advanced technology and security
  • iPhones offer regular updates for smooth operation of apps
  • iOS has the best in industry security features
  • iOS apps pack a great experience quotient for the users and remain viral for longer time periods


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Ecommerce app development

With our ecommerce android apps we don’t just ensure traffic but implement best conversions. If you need to generate business from your shopping app, then we are the best connoisseurs to seek. Our shopping apps packed with end-to-end functionality, streamlines trading and maximizes customer retention for generating maximum return on investment for your brand.

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Push notification apps

A push notification is a commercial message that resembles an SMS and pops up on a smartphone when enabled. Users do not always have to be actively operating an app to get push notifications. They are the best options to stay in your user’s mind and promote your products and offers & improve customer experience.

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Newspaper app

If you have a newspaper or magazine then it’s the time to go mobile with your android newspaper app. Your readers will get instant access to your content anytime, anywhere. The world is switching to a new device-enabled reading habit and now is the time to switch to mobility for better customer experience and faster content delivery.

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Weather apps

Weather apps offer great convenience to users, and you can develop your own too with our services from Tech Exactly. This is an untapped business channel with immense potentiality and high demand in the market. Deliver your business message with the latest in weather updates through your own amazing weather app necessary for android devices.

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Healthcare app

The internet with portable mobile technology has added several layers of convenience to our lives. With healthcare apps, medical industry gives power back to the society. With medical apps people are already more aware of medical situations and have a better say in the decision making. We build the most useful healthcare apps to help your customers feel well cared for.

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Finance apps

Gone are the days of jargon replete worlds of finances with slick-haired bureaucrats controlling the riches. With an array of financial apps, personal finance is all the more easy to manage and inflate in the hands of commoners. Tech Exactly builds financial mobile apps with optimum security complying with global security norms for safest financial transactions and data-driven knowledge.

Ongoing Business
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Why Us

Here at Tech Exactly we have delivered apps successfully to hit the app store, with several upgradations to keep the apps performing at their best. Our comprehensive iOS app development knowledge spans over several years of experience and programmatic conventions, we can promise the best roll-out and perfect post launch support for your iOS app.


What We Do

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Qualilty Testing
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Maintenance & support

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Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is based on clearly defined requirements from clients duly executed by us and priced accordingly up front for hassle-free transactions. In business either we can help or we simply cannot, so whichever may be the case we are completely transparent about it.

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Easy Communication

We understand the importance of communication in business relations and provide maximum accessibility on our part to clients. To manage the time zone differences we overlap our development hours accordingly. Our project managers and developers can be reached through Skype/ Slack at your convenience.

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Dedicated support from remote experts

Addressing problems and prompt troubleshooting is top priority for us, which is why we employ all-time available dedicated support. Our goal is value addition, hence no over-selling, no over promises and no going back on deadlines. Also, we offer NDA protection and will not share project details.

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15 Day Refunds

We take our promise of 100% customer satisfaction seriously, hence if you are unhappy with our service we promise full-refund within 15 days, no questions asked. However, we go to great lengths to ensure such a situation does not arise by pushing ourselves to serve you the best.


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