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Having a website is no longer enough, launch your business android app or wearable app for maximum accessibility. We help design, develop and deploy your app with full support.

Why Android?

Faster validation processes
  • Fastest launch time as playstore approvals are the quickest
  • Track user behavior with advanced analytical tools like Firebase
  • Maximize circulation and downloads through multiple channels like web stores, play store etc.
Maximum affordability
  • Codes are reusable with use of object oriented programming
  • Open source technology offers easy accessible support communities
  • Hassle-free API integrations with other third party services
Technologically advanced
  • With regular updates android operating systems offer better security and stability
  • Android security features are among the best
  • Popularity for android apps are the highest with android driven smartphones

What We Do

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Strategy & Blueprint
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Qualilty Testing
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Maintenance & support

Industries we have helped

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Ecommerce app development

With our ecommerce android apps we don’t just ensure traffic but implement best conversions. If you need to generate business from your shopping app, then we are the best connoisseurs to seek. Our shopping apps packed with end-to-end functionality, streamlines trading and maximizes customer retention for generating maximum return on investment for your brand.

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Push notification apps

A push notification is a commercial message that resembles an SMS and pops up on a smartphone when enabled. Users do not always have to be actively operating an app to get push notifications. They are the best options to stay in your user’s mind and promote your products and offers & improve customer experience.

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Newspaper app

If you have a newspaper or magazine then it’s the time to go mobile with your android newspaper app. Your readers will get instant access to your content anytime, anywhere. The world is switching to a new device-enabled reading habit and now is the time to switch to mobility for better customer experience and faster content delivery.

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Weather apps

Weather apps offer great convenience to users, and you can develop your own too with our services from Tech Exactly. This is an untapped business channel with immense potentiality and high demand in the market. Deliver your business message with the latest in weather updates through your own amazing weather app necessary for android devices.

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Healthcare app

With today’s technology, you can see a doctor immediately in both of those scenarios, and in some cases even have the doctor prescribe medication, from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

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Finance apps

Finance apps automatically tracks your spending, categorizes it, and alerts you when/if you approach your budget limit. You can even ask for custom savings tips within the app.

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